Energy Projects

Being aware of the importance of the energy and raw material that we need today, our investing and constructing activities in this field continue by including electricty, petrolium, and gas projects.

Energy Facilities

  • HES Projects
  • RES Projects
  • Solar Power Projects
  • Thermal Power Projects
  • Coal Thermal Power Plant Projects
  • Geothermal Energy Projecst
  • Bio-Energy Projects

Electricity Facilities

  • Electricity Production
  • Lump Sum Electricity Importation
  • Domestic Electricity Sales

Petrolium and Gas Facilities

  • Construction of Oil and Gas Storage Facilities

  • Construction of Petrolium and Gas Transmission and Distribution Lines

Mining Projects

Our mining activities continues by bringing to light the richness that we see almost everyday unawares and taking putting it into service on as a duty.

Mininig Facilities

  • Research of I,II, III Group Mine Sites, Construction and Maintenance of Facilities

  • Research of IV. and V. Group Precious Mine Site, Construction and Maintenance of Facilities

  • Finding, Researching, and Maintaining Oil and Gas Fields